Steve Perry - We're Still Here (official music video)

Clip Marks the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer’s First Official Music Video in 25 Years

Deluxe Version of TRACES Available Now

Today, Steve Perry shares his first official music video in nearly 25 years for “We’re Still Here,” a track from his latest album, TRACES.  A series of live performance videos were released previously in support of TRACES however the new clip for “We’re Still Here” represents Perry’s first official video as a solo artist since “Missing You” in 1994 and his first official video overall since Journey’s “When You Love A Woman” in 1996.  Watch here or hit play on the video below.

The neo-noir inspired clip, directed by Myriam Santos (Common, Andra Day, Tommy Lee) captures Perry driving a shiny, black ’70 Chevelle SS through the same Hollywood streets that moved him to co-write this reflective, affecting ballad with Canadian producer/songwriter Brian West.

Perry shared the story behind “We’re Still Here,”: “Brian and I had just started writing the song and were sketching it out in the studio. When we broke for dinner I went to this place down the street, and that was the first time I’d been in Hollywood in a long time. There I was on Sunset Blvd. and Hollywood and Vine just walking around.  I saw a whole new generation of 16 and 17-year old’s running around just…alive. And through these kids I felt a kinship. We’re still here doing the same thing.”

Last week, the deluxe edition of TRACES became widely available for the first time in a variety of formats which include the album’s full, expanded track list of 15-songs (the standard album plus 5 bonus tracks from the TRACES sessions.) Fans can purchase the album digitally, on CD and in two 180-gram 2 LP vinyl versions, one that features a collectible, limited-edition 3D lenticular cover. TRACES was originally released to wide international acclaim last fall. In addition, brand-new, special edition merchandise is now available exclusively on Perry’s online store.

Listen and buy TRACES here

Steve Perry - Traces

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  • Davida Williams on

    Mr. Perry…I thoroughly enjoyed your album. It is the only album in my music collection where I cannot skip a single song. We admirers of your music, want you to know that we will absolutely promote with renewed vigor your NEW album to our local radio stations. Its the least we can do for the sheer amount of effort (emotionally and physically) that you have put into this extraordinary piece of Grammy worthy material.

  • Kathie Everhart on

    This is an awesome video. I listen to Traces alot. I have to get the new one with the other songs on it. Thank you for coming back and giving us this new music. You still got what it takes to create music and we are grateful for that. My favorite song of all time is When You Love A Woman. Traces is filled with great songs. Love ya Steve🤭💙💜💙

  • Laura Callahan on

    Mr. Perry, you made such a poignant video for my favorite song off of “Traces.” I love the whole album, however. I am so happy you are back! A myriad of experiences happen in a person’s life that one could sit down and talk to their best friend-or their therapist-for days and get nothing out of it. For me? It was music that helped me. Music saw me through some extremely difficult times and is my one constant. You have no idea how much music, in particular your music, helped me when I was younger. Even on through to today! There are certain songs that help me along, see me through and bring me back. “We’re Still Here” has been added to my ever-growing list, along with “Sun Shines Gray,” “In The Rain,” and “We Fly.” Your heart and soul went into making this record, and your return to music was much awaited for by me and many, many like me. I will absolutely get in touch with the local radio stations here to get your song(s) played, because you deserve that respect. I believe “Traces” to be truly exceptional. I am one of your “Faithful” ones, always have been. Thank you, sir.

  • The album “Traces” is an amazing piece of art. Love it, very much. I have been phoning, emailing our local radio stations here and hope to get into my car, flip on my radio and hear “We’re Still Here” coming through the speakers very soon. The video, like the description, is poignant. Very well done. Love the humanity aspect of it, and it brought back so many memories of “cruising” around my own small town. Even now, when I’m particularly stressed, I will do that very same thing. Like Ms. Williams said before me, “Traces” is a very emotional record and the work that you have put into it, the messages it relays and how beautifully those messages are delivered makes this recording Grammy worthy in every respect. Thank you, sir.

  • Dana Strickland Reeves on

    I just wanted to tell Mr Perry how glad I am to hear his voice again. It’s been a long 20ish years without hearing his voice. Thank you for blessing us.

  • I’ve tried to leave a comment 2 times. Mr. Perry, I love the album “Traces.” “We’re Still Here” is my favorite off of it, and the video you made is amazing! Love the car, and this brought back many memories of me and my friends cruising around our own small town way back in the day. I still sometimes do this: there’s nothing better than getting in your car and just driving, whether it’s the country or through the city, playing some great music. It’s just one of those therapeutic things for me. Am getting in contact with our local radio stations here and letting them know how much we would enjoy hearing them play your songs. This record is full of wonderful, emotional messages. You have done a fantastic job, and right now it is in my car and is my “go to” for wherever I am going. “Sun Shines Gray,” “We Fly,” and “In The Rain” are just a few more of my faves. You made an amazing piece of art for us and I am very grateful. Thank you.

  • Love how the video captures the whole message of the song. Great job and thank you Mr Perry.

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