Toronto-based Singer-Songwriter Signs to Fantasy Records

Releases Single & Video for “More
Listen on NPR Music’s All Songs Considered 

Nova Scotia-born and Toronto-based artist Rachel Bobbitt announces today that she has signed to Fantasy Records. To celebrate, she shares a remarkable song entitled “More” alongside an accompanying, cinematic visual. Featuring gorgeous and tightly woven layers of vocals, and a warmly arcing electric guitar, “More” is a timely song about “navigating the medical system as a woman whose pain is often disregarded as inevitable,” Bobbitt explains. She sings, “They say the body’s just a thing to house the mind / But mine keeps betraying me night after night.”  Bobbitt explains further, “It’s all about this body that I have, suffering from the migraines I’ve inherited from my mom, but it’s also about how some people see women as being made for having children, something I don’t even necessarily want at this point.”

Check out the new single, produced by Rachel Bobbitt and Justice Der, mixed by Grammy-nominated Jorge Elbrecht, and its stunning video HERE, and listen to it via NPR Music’s All Songs Considered HERE.

Bobbitt made a name for herself on Vine as a teenager, uploading covers of pop hits and all-time classics to the now-defunct social media site. As her profile rose, Bobbitt found herself overwhelmed rather than inspired. “It was exciting to be doing what I loved, but it was difficult to be observed by that many people at that age where I simultaneously wanted to just shut myself in,” she says. “I’m grateful it ended when it did, because it gave me time to step back and think about what I wanted to create for myself.”

She found herself in a serious cycle of introspection during the pandemic, having just decided to leave the jazz program at Humber College and focus on her own music. She holed up in Saskatoon to write, the negative temperatures seeping their way into the compositions even while her indelible warmth radiates throughout. “More” is the first taste of what’s to come from Bobbitt – stay tuned for more soon.

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