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Iconic singer-songwriter Steve Perry scores the highest solo debut of his career with Traces, his first album in nearly a quarter of a century. Released via Fantasy Records, Traces is Perry’s first Top 10 solo debut, entering the Billboard 200 Albums Chart at #6 with over 73,000 total copies in sales and consumption. Traces has additionally landed at #4 on the Billboard Album Chart and #2 on the Billboard Current Rock Album Chart. The new album also marks Perry’s best ever debut in the UK, Germany, Canada (#7 on the Current Album Chart) and Japan (#1 on the International Chart). Traces is Perry’s third solo release, following 1984’s Street Talk, which peaked at #12, and 1994’s For the Love of Strange Medicine, which debuted and peaked at #15. Traces, Perry’s most personal, emotional release to date, is available now for purchase and streaming HERE.

“All I was hoping for was someone to listen to the emotional expression of these new songs after my years of absence,” Perry states. “This has been beyond my wildest dreams, and I thank you all so very much.”

Traces has received widespread praise everywhere from The Associated Press, NPR, and The New York Times to Rolling Stone, HuffPost and Yahoo, with USA Today highlighting it as one of “10 Albums You Need To Hear This Fall” and Forbes exclaiming “there is no denying it is ‘The Voice.’ And for all of music it is damn good to have Steve Perry back.”  

Following the album release, Perry gave fans an intimate glimpse into his life on CBS Sunday Morning, sharing details of his childhood, his career, and the love that helped him rediscover his passion for music. Perry stopped by Good Morning America last week, giving his first live U.S. television interview in over 20 years, and also visited Fox & Friends in celebration of Traces’ release.

Photo credit: Myriam Santos

Photo credit: Myriam Santos

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  • So Ecstatic to hear STEVES new music👍🏼🏅❤️😘

  • I love Steve’s New Album Traces,I’m from Maine,and Steve did an interview with WBLM here.I knew if he put new music out fans would go crazy!I love the whole Album but have favorites,No Erasin is my favorite,We’re Still here,and Sunshine Gray,the whole Album is beautiful and Steve sounds incredible and looks incredible,one day hopefully I get to meet him,and just talk to him,I love to hear him talk and laugh,by I’m a small town girl ,and saw him in concert here in Maine once,but not with Journey,he was a solo tour with a great back-up band,got closed to meeting him,but was bullied out of the way,maybe someday,Also so very sorry about your loss,beautiful Kelly,but I know she’s proud of you and your Album,Don t forget Steve,she’ll always be alive in your heart ❤forever and your Memories.Here’s to making new ones!

  • Its definetly a 5 star album,a fan since the 70s,I think the hard work he put into it is incredible.
    Im hoping he does another also.All the best,lets get him to #1 in the USA

  • Please consider a gig at Savemart Center in Fresno! And if you should decide to hit the road, please, please don’t let the scalpers buy all the tickets. Instead, make them available to the people in the valley (I’m writing from Madera) in small quantities. I assure you every venue you do a show in will be packed! I’m so glad that precious, sweet Kelly asked for her special promise from you and the promise was kept. Cheers!

  • Steve is the holy grail on the altar of rock ‘n roll! Bar none!

  • Steve, This album is so beautiful, not just the amazing artwork on the album cover but all of the heart felt songs you sing from your soul. Kellie would be so proud of you!!! The Lord blessed you with a gift (your voice) Let the world hear you sing 🎤. Would love for you to come out with a Christmas soul album, with your own unique holiday songs 🙂 that would be awesome. Congratulations on your album sales (so far) – come on everyone, start going down that Christmas list and buying all your friends, co-workers, teachers, etc. a Steve Perry “TRACES” CD or Record. LET’S MAKE THIS ALBUM GO TO #1 🎼🎸🥁🎹🎉🎈Love you Steve

  • Jacqy from Mix 104 QnA with Steve last Wed. Boston on

    My father (in-law) was visiting today; he is 94 years advanced youth. Mom passed a couple of years ago. While we were running errands, Traces was playing. When we got home, I turned the music on and Traces continued to play. Dad sat down to rest….I asked if he wanted me to turn the music off…..his answer was NO with a smile. I think that communicates the breadth that Steve Perry’s new release appeals to so many, transcending generations. The raw emotion of the words and how they are lyricized, the melodies and the combination of the tracks, the varied musical styles and orchestration, and the soulful voice of the man who laid the soundtracks to so many lives, this release is a gift of a lifetime. Thank you to Steve, for keeping Dr. Kellie’s promise, for that task is unimaginable. The words, the melodies, the culmination of the groups of songs is healing and brings peace; but some also bring life and the desire to grab the one you love and to dance. Thank you for these gifts. May they return to your heart one million fold. Heaven smiles with the joy you are bringing to so many. Thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU, in Peace, Faith, Hope, Love, Laughter and Gratuity. May God bless you and keep you in good health, both physically & mentally and also emotionally. Praying that once the release and publicity and possible tour are done, Steve’s heart will remain open and at Peace.
    To the folks at Fantasy Records, NICE JOB!!!! Well done on the release! You all deserve a good pat on the back, & thank you for helping to make this possible!!!

  • Mr.Perry, One Fantastic Album, Great Band n The Songs Are Just So Wonderful, My Wife Loves it Too, Thanks For Keeping Your Promise To Kellie She Would Be So Proud Of U, We are in our early 50’s And We n Pray That You Will Tour , if Your former bandmates who are in there late 60’s Can Tour So Can U , Let The Fans See U Again Hear Your Soulful Voice one Again U Guys At Fantasy Records Did Terrfic n I am Sure U Are Proud of Him Welcome Back Steve Perry .

  • Steve Perry is the VOICE. Keep rockin it til you drop

  • I am so pleased that people hear the expression of Steve Perry in his music. All I can say is “THE VOICE” is back, and hope you are here to stay and make music…..YOUR VOICE IS A GIFT FROM GOD, AND SHOULD BE SHARED WITH THE WORLD!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH, AND ALWAYS WISH YOU THE BEST IN WHATEVER YOU DO!!!

  • It’s been a LONG TIME COMIN’ forsure….We are thrilled the GIFT to hear once more, THE VOICE has returned….. We can’t express just how much we have missed him. I believe we have shown Mr. Perry our love for him by making this album blaze through and made it top selling solo album for him.

    Mr. Perry, THANK YOU for sharing your heart, your voice, your emotions and your story of Dr. Kellie Nash…. She is looking down on you and saying’ Well Done My Man WellWell Done…..

    Fly high Angel Girl Fly High….

    Fantasy Records, THANK YOU for working with Mr. Perry and bringing REAL MUSIC back again…. When music had Melodies, harmonies and lyric that have meaning……lyrics that grab your heart and music that tells a real true story and feeling to go with it…

    Keep PLAYING, Keep RECORDING, Keep making REAL MUSIC 💯

  • Hi Steve, I am from the Bay Area, and watched you grow with Journey. When my neighbor turned me on to “Wheel in the Sky” I knew you brought “Super Stardom” to the band. Thank you for the memories, and this new album is full of emotion and I can feel it. Thank for giving us fan a piece of your life. Let me know when you are in the Cleveland Area. I would love to take my wife and daughter to your show.


  • I was a country music dj in a small town in Tennessee when Journey was popular. I remember vaguely hearing some of the group’s most popular recordings after you joined the group. I am now almost 70 and feel like I am reliving my earlier years since rediscovering Journey. I love all your music and quite a collection started of all their CDs, DVDs, and your solo albums. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your great talent with your fans all over the world. With your outstanding voice, you would be doing a great injustice to everyone if you do not continue sharing your beautiful gift bestowed to you by God. You must continue to honor Him and us with more great songs for years to come. Peace to you……..I can relate to your loss. Carry On!

  • I am fifty years old and I have been a Steve Perry fan since 1981. I remember riding in the truck with my brother and friends listening to Steve and Journey. I have never lost faith that he would create more great music. I am thankful that you released this album. I am completely blown away!

  • Patricia Gilliland on

    Traces has touched my heart in so many ways. Thank you Steve I needed this 🙏

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