Yode EP


July 13, 2018
Canine Riot / Fantasy Records
Number of discs: 1

Introducing LTNT – the alt-metal trio getting bigots’ knickers in a twist

LTNT are not so much defined by their aesthetic choices as the no-fucks-given attitude they offer to the forces of banality, finding new ways to challenge preconceptions and hostile forces. Ostensibly an ‘alt. rock’ trio from London, LTNT (or ‘Lieutenant’) have a musical diet more complicated than your average radio rock hopefuls, drawing on everybody from the Butthole Surfers to Fear Factory.

“Nobody tells you their exact diet to explain their plans for the day, so I don’t see why musicians have to,” says bassist Ben Clarke. “I listen to a lot of stuff that’s heavier than we are,” adds Liam. “One of my favorite people is Al Jourgensen of Ministry – he knows how to keep it in contact with the people, but also keeps it disgustingly heavy. We’re nothing like them, but that’s our mentality.”

“Our new EP is fuckin’ 50 times better than anything we’ve ever done,” says Liam. “It was produced by Matt Hyde, who did the new Seether, Deftones and AFI albums. It’s more industrial than our previous releases; it rocks with its balls out.”

Yode is available now via Canine Riot/Fantasy Records.

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