Where The Light Shines Through


July 8, 2016
Vanguard Records
Producer: John Fields

“Where The Light Shines Through”, Switchfoot’s tenth album and the first since 2014’s highly acclaimed “Fading West,” was produced in collaboration with John Fields, who helmed the multi-platinum breakthrough “The Beautiful Letdown.”

This album marked an important milestone in the band’s hugely successful career. SWITCHFOOT’s journey began in 1997 with the first of three indie releases before signing with a major label in 2003. Since then, the San Diego, CA based outfit have sold 5.7 million copies worldwide of their nine studio albums (including 2003’s “The Beautiful Letdown” and 2009’s GRAMMY Award-winning, “Hello Hurricane”). “Where The Light Shines Through” marked the band’s return to the indie world and showcases that, two decades from their start, they’re able to have a career filled with longevity, revitalization and rejuvenation.

SWITCHFOOT consists of Jon Foreman (vocals, guitar), Tim Foreman (bass), Jerome Fontamillas (keys, guitar), Drew Shirley (guitar) and Chad Butler (drums).

Track Listing:
1. Holy Water
2. Float
3. Where The Light Shines Through
4. I Won’t Let You Go
5. If The House Burns Down Tonight
6. The Day That I Found God
7. Shake This Feeling
8. Bull In A China Shop
9. Live It Well
10. Looking For America (featuring Lecrae)
11. Healer of Souls
12. Hope Is The Anthem

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