What Would You Do? ft. Gavin Rossdale


Seether featuring Gavin Rossdale - What Would You Do?
July 8, 2022
Fantasy Records

Seether’s lead vocalist, Shaun Morgan and Rossdale, trade verses and meld seamlessly on the track’s ferocious choruses.

“It’s truly an honour for us to have Gavin sing on this new track as we have been fans of his for decades and we are humbled that he would even agree to be a part of it. He is an icon in rock music who brought an amazing performance to help elevate the song and we are extremely grateful to him,” says Shaun Morgan.

Seether’s “What Would You Do?” originally appeared on last year’s Wasteland – The Purgatory EP and is included on the just released Deluxe Edition of the band’s acclaimed 2020 album, Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.

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