Pictures Of Me

Van William

Pictures of Me eSingle - Van Wiliam
September 7, 2018
Van William
Fantasy Records

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Van William  has released a striking cover of beloved musician Elliott Smith’s “Pictures of Me.” This marks the last of three e-singles put out by Van following the release of his debut album Countries earlier in 2018 via Fantasy Records. Van’s highly personal lyrics and intimate storytelling ability have drawn comparisons to Smith in the past with Van listing him as a major influence.

“Elliott Smith’s music has always been a gut punch of fragility, organic intensity, and melodic brilliance all in one little package,” says Van. “I was in college when he passed, but he’s one of the rare artists whose music actually has continually meant more to me as I get older. It took on new meaning to me this year. We started playing ‘Pictures of Me’ in our live set and it’s become part of this project for me in a real way, so I wanted to get it on tape.”

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