The Rockville


o.a.r. the rockville lp
June 10, 2014
Vanguard Records

O.A.R. are well known for their incredible live performances that have seen them play to sold out audiences in iconic venues such as Madison Square Garden and Red Rocks. The band has built their following off of extensive touring as well as a string of hit singles such as ‘Love and Memories,’ ‘Shattered,’ and their single ‘Peace.’

The Rockville LP was written and recorded in Nashville, Maryland, and New York City. It was the band’s first studio album for Vanguard and their 8th overall.

1. Two Hands Up
2. We’ll Pick Up Where We Left Off
3. Peace
4. The Element
5. Favorite Song
6. So Good So Far
7. The Architect
8. Place To Hide
9. Caroline The Wrecking Ball
10. I Will Find You

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