The Revolution EP

Van William

September 8, 2017
Van William
Fantasy Records
Number of discs: 1

Songwriter and performer Van William known for the subversive artistry of his former acclaimed indie outfits – Port O’Brien and WATERS – is set to release his first ever solo work, The Revolution EP on September 8th, 2017 via Fantasy Records. 

“Revolution” started as a song about the anxieties of being in a relationship where both people want to fix its broken parts, but disagree on the means,” Van explained. “It became something else during and after the 2016 election. When we started recording the song, I was listening back in the studio and immediately knew I wanted Klara and Johanna from First Aid Kit to sing on it.”

Commenting on the track’s highly emotive, touching video, directed by Grant James (Father John Misty, Jonathan Wilson), Van added: “The idea for the video came after binge watching a lot of Bergman movies on my friend’s dad’s FilmStruck account. I wanted the video to show the claustrophobic feeling that can form by sharing too much of each other’s lives and being unable to repair the damage from inside the walls of what was built together.”

Van William’s bleeding heart may be eternally affixed to his sleeve, but very few songwriters can make the therapeutics sound so fun.  Always the creative force that fueled his musical endeavors, William’s newfound independence allowed room to roam in fresh and exciting ways.  These four new tracks carry a jagged, messy edge that artfully counterbalances William’s dazzling melodies and unforgettable choruses. 

“Revolution,” with its irresistible refrain and exquisite arrangement is a textbook example – a perfect hook tempered by one of the saddest, smartest lyrics you’ll ever hear.  Similarly, “Fourth of July,” “Never Had Enough of You,” and “Cosmic Sign” (Demo), all sparkle with vulnerability, bittersweet sophistication and William’s honeyed, yearning tenor.

An enthralling introduction, (his debut full-length solo LP is due early next year) Van William’s The Revolution EP signals the arrival of a truly gifted young artist on the rise.


The Revolution EP was recorded in Stinson Beach, CA. All songs were co-produced by Van William.  Key contributors include: drummer, Griffin Goldsmith (Dawes); bassist, Chris Chu (the Morning Benders); keyboardist Tam Visher; co-producer, Brian Phillips; and Klara Söderberg and Johanna Söderberg (First Aid Kit.)

Van William – The Revolution EP track list:
1.    “Revolution” featuring First Aid Kit
2.    “Fourth of July”
3.    “Never Had Enough of You”
4.    “Cosmic Sign” (Demo)

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