Stranger Danger


The sparkling, irresistible  “Stranger Danger,” is quintessential Lucius: probing, futuristic dream-pop centered around the luminescent harmonies of founders Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig. Listen to “Stranger Danger”  HERE and watch the track’s lyric video HERE.

Lucius on “Stranger Danger”:

“Humans have imagined a backup plan – a “savior” to forgive us, to save us, to lean on…for ourselves, if and when things go wrong but who/what/where is the backup plan for Mother Earth?”

Written by Wolfe, Laessig, and the band’s Dan Molad, “Stranger Danger” marks the group’s inaugural release for new label partner, Fantasy Records. Molad also produced the song — his first Lucius production since the band’s 2013 debut album — Wildewoman.

The track’s musical line-up includes Wolfe (vocals, keyboards), Laessig (vocals, keyboards), Molad (drums, percussion, programming), Lucius’ Peter Lalish (electric guitar), Solomon Dorsey (bass), Dawes’ Taylor Goldsmith (electric guitar and piano), and Josh Mease (bass, guitar).

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