S’old Remixes

Taking Back Sunday

December 20, 2023
Taking Back Sunday
Fantasy Records

Taking Back Sunday has again teamed up with producer Tushar Apte (Demi Lovato, Zayn Malik, and Nicki Minaj) to release two brand new versions of their single “S’old”.

Apte on the new remixes:

I love the process of reimagining songs in different styles – I think it’s the best way to see if a song is great when it can stand up and stand out in different audio lenses. I think ‘S’old’ certainly does this, and I hope fans and new listeners enjoy these remixes!

The band adds:

When we met Tushar, we were working together on a collaboration with Steve Aoki. It was so much fun to blend our songwriting with theirs and see the layers that got added to it. Tushar is like a wizard with sounds and beats. Since we brought Tushar over to produce a rock record with us, we thought it would be fun to let him take a track and go wild with it and see where it ended up.”

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