Ordinary World

Valerie June

December 5, 2023
Valerie June
Fantasy Records

June originally recorded a short portion of “Ordinary World” as the musical bed for Tractor Beverage Company’s ad campaign, titled “Escape The Ordinary.” The 90 second TV spot tells the story of a cup that dreams of a deliciously beautiful world. (The widely seen commercial has now been viewed more than one million times at YouTube and seen 73 million+ times across all platforms, watch it HERE.) The overwhelming online response from fans around the world encouraged June to record a full-length version, which is now available for the first time.

Valerie June on “Ordinary World”:

With modern times often full of heaviness and darkness, how do we find the strength to survive and grow? From the changing climate to wars and our personal stories of loss, it can be overwhelming to dream of a more harmonious life for the entire planet. I recorded my cover of “Ordinary World” because, despite the challenges we face every day, there is beauty to be found in the ordinary. Though we often think of change as an enormous process, it is the little things that make significant shifts when multiplied; one small and simple act of caring for the earth or a stranger is a way to see the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary. The toolbox that helps us create a world of joy and peace must have simple, tiny actions.”

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Matt Marinelli, “Ordinary World” features Valerie June (vocals), Dan Iead (pedal steel) and Marinelli (bass, drums, guitars, keyboards and backing vocals). With her one-of-a-kind musical vision, the GRAMMY-nominated artist re-imagines the track (a #1 smash for Duran Duran in 1992), rendering a gorgeous and ethereal dreamscape all her own.

The single release coincides with World Soil Day  – Dec 5, 2023.  Held annually, the event focuses attention on the importance of healthy soil and advocates for the sustainable management of soil resources.

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