One Cold Night


seether - one cold night
July 7, 2006
The Bicycle Music Company

One Cold Night is a live set drawn from all three Seether long players, Disclaimer, Disclaimer II and Karma And Effect with Gasoline suitably kicking things off with very little fanfare and just a “get in there and go for it” attitude. They soon move on through Driven Under and the sometimes screamed Diseased which sees Morgan pushing his voice to the limits of what works within the confines of the unplugged setting and the solid yet vocally restrained Truth. The set’s unexpected surprises are back to back and come in the form of an awesome cover of Pearl Jam’s Immortality (which originally appeared on their 1995 album Vitalogy) which blends in seamlessly alongside the unreleased Tied My Hands.

Along Sympathetic, The Gift (which also showcased with an alternate mix of the original song as an unlisted bonus track at the end of the audio disc) and Plastic Man, the band’s bigger songs and hits – Fine Again, Broken and Remedy – get the acoustic treatment. The one that stands out the most for being different to the original is their hit single Broken which is performed without the assistance of Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee, which sees the song taking on a more solemn tone which fits in with the vibe of the overall performance perfectly. –

1 Gasoline 2:57
2 Driven Under 4:59
3 Diseased 3:46
4 Truth 5:16
5 Immortality 5:02
6 Tied My Hands 5:16
7 Sympathetic 4:12
8 Fine Again 5:05
9 Broken 4:17
10 The Gift 5:37
11 Remedy 3:41
12 Plastic Man 3:31
13 The Gift 4:24

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