Old Wounds (Demo)

L.S. Dunes

October 27, 2023
L.S Dunes
Fantasy Records

“Old Wounds” DEMO is a stripped-back version of the fan favorite released this past summer. The vulnerable and illuminating “Old Wounds” DEMO is another brilliant look into the creative process that features Anthony Green’s beautifully exposed vocals and the haunting, intricate guitar work of Travis Stever.

The official video (below) features behind-the-scenes footage of L.S. Dunes working at Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, California, the renowned desert studio where “Old Wounds” was originally recorded.

Travis Stever on “Old Wounds” DEMO:

“The original guitar part for “Old Wounds” was conceived in the L.S. Dunes text thread. It was an old riff that I had never used. I stumbled on it and started working on it again and sent it in the middle of the night. Tim was the only one still awake… Tim had a positive response and showed enthusiasm, so I kept sending the riff ideas to him and he would give his opinion and notes. The next morning, I ran to my studio space and recorded the guitar parts. At this point we had numerous instrumental ideas, and it was up to Anthony what songs we would choose for the desert sessions. He sent back the most beautiful and haunting vocals and lyrics to the guitar ideas that would become “Old Wounds”. It then became clear that that would be one of the songs we needed to record.”

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