Neighbour Song ft. Madison Cunningham

Lake Street Dive

On this special treatment of “Neighbor Song,” one of the band’s most beloved tunes and an undeniable live show highlight, Lake Street Dive’s lead vocalist Rachael Price and GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter Cunningham trade verses and share gorgeous harmonies in sublime musical conversation.

Lake Street Dive on “Neighbor Song” and collaborating with Madison Cunningham:

“Madison Cunningham is an extremely special musician, the kind who can make a single note sound like music and who breathes life into every song that she comes into contact with. We feel so honored to have had her join us on one of our songs. We first recorded “Neighbor Song” in 2010, shortly after a few of us had moved to Brooklyn. The song narrates an experience, all too familiar to many New York City apartment dwellers, of overhearing your neighbors making love. Involuntarily bearing witness to such intimacy inspires a potent mix of emotions from annoyance to despair to compassion. It’s a fun song to play live because we get to walk the audience through this emotional journey. Some audiences laugh a lot when we play it. Some cry a lot. In preparing to do this song on tour with Madison we came up with a new musical treatment for the song to bring out some different sides of those emotions. We recorded it with Madison in Brooklyn, live in one room in a single take. We hope it makes you laugh and/or cry!”


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