Rachel Bobbitt

May 10, 2022
Rachel Bobbitt
Fantasy Records
Producer: Rachel Bobbitt and Justice Der

Featuring gorgeous and tightly woven layers of vocals, and a warmly arcing electric guitar, “More” is a timely song about “navigating the medical system as a woman whose pain is often disregarded as inevitable,” Bobbitt explains. She sings, “They say the body’s just a thing to house the mind / But mine keeps betraying me night after night.”  Bobbitt explains further, “It’s all about this body that I have, suffering from the migraines I’ve inherited from my mom, but it’s also about how some people see women as being made for having children, something I don’t even necessarily want at this point.”

Produced by Rachel Bobbitt and Justice Der and mixed by Grammy-nominated Jorge Elbrecht.

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