Mixtape Vol. 1


October 25, 2019
Fantasy Records

MIXTAPE VOL. 1 is a digital only, 8-song collection of previously unreleased original songs, album tracks and select covers from an eclectic group of artists including The Sugarcubes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Billie Eilish and Joni Mitchell. The EP’s original songs include fan favorites “Something Tells Me” (which  appears on their John Congleton (St. Vincent, The War On Drugs) produced, acclaimed debut album Thrilled To Be Here,) the non-album track, “25 for the Last Time” and two unreleased cuts from the ‘Thrilled’ sessions, “The Way I Could” and “Cold Blue.”

The siblings highlight their interesting and diverse set of musical influences with the EP’s sublime cover choices which include unique, creative takes on Billie Eilish’s “When The Party’s Over,” The Sugarcubes’ “Hit,” Joni Mitchell’s “Coyote” and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s “Salvation.”

On putting together MIXTAPE VOL. 1 the band shared, “We recorded a bunch of songs for our album Thrilled To Be Here and some of our favorites, unfortunately, didn’t make the album. We were still playing them at shows and people kept asking us where they could listen to those songs, so we decided to release them on this mixtape and compiled some unreleased tracks along with some covers of songs that have inspired us.”

BAILEN’s sublime cover of BRMC’s beloved “Salvation” is also featured on the just released official soundtrack for HULU’s original limited series Looking For Alaska based on the bestselling John Green novel of the same name. Carefully curated by show producer Josh Schwartz (The O.C., Gossip Girl) and music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas (The O.C., The Twilight Series), the album is comprised of much-loved tracks from the likes of Bloc Party, The Strokes, and Modest Mouse along with newly recorded covers of the era’s biggest hits by contemporary, up-and-coming artists. BAILEN’s stellar version of the song even caught the attention of BRMC who proclaimed “Wow! Stirring, Moving & Beautiful, very Touching… Quite Wonderful in Fact.”


  1. The Way I Could
  2. When The Party’s Over (Billie Eilish cover)
  3. Salvation (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club cover)
  4. 25 For The Last Time
  5. Something Tells Me
  6. Hit (The Sugarcubes cover)
  7. Cold Blue
  8. Coyote (Joni Mitchell cover)
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