Love You Blind (Windowsill Version)


September 22, 2023
Fantasy Records

“Love You Blind” (Windowsill Version) is an exquisitely re-imagined take of a stand-out track from the group’s acclaimed sophomore album, Tired Hearts. The delicate and aching ‘Windowsill’ interpretation is available alongside the original album track as 2-track digital release.

Bailen on “Love You Anyway” (Windowsill Version):

“We re-imagined “Love You Blind” because it had originally been written like a folk song and we wanted both the harder hitting version from the record and this softer, sensitive version to exist in the world. This song is about loving imperfectly — it’s about abandoning blind patriotism and allegiance and replacing it with something more nuanced and truthful. Our goal with “Love You Blind (Windowsill Version) was to make you feel like you’re lost in thought staring out of a wide-open expanse. We hope it feels as timeless to you as it does to us.”

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