Love You Anyway

Devon Gilfillian

Produced by Jeremy Lutito (Joy Oladokun, NEEDTOBREATHE), Love You Anyway, confronts as well as comforts. Chronicling Gilfillian’s journey as a Black artist living in 21st century America, the album’s 10 original tracks, (all co-written by Gilfillian) are as much about fighting for what you believe in: equity and representation, as it is about love, finding it, making it, and channeling it into every facet of our lives.

Devon Gilfillian on the new album and single:

“I wanted to share my story on this album and pour a whole lot of love into the gap that’s grown between people in our country. “All I Really Wanna Do” is an anthem for living in the moment. It’s a song about taking a chance on love, on life, and on exploring yourself. It’s about being weird with the one you love and knowing that being yourself is enough. I want people to listen to this song and forget – even for a second – the sad things going on around the world. I want them to be reminded of the beauty and joy we have around us, as long as we’re looking and open to receive.”

The recording of Love You Anyway began during the pandemic, as the nation’s political chasm widened, leading Gilfillian to rely on a few simple resources: the music of Marvin Gaye, new love, therapy, and his beloved cats, Barry White and Felicia.

Summoning an array of musical touchstones amid a rush of unexpected ear-catching twists and turns, Love You Anyway is as listenable as it is thought-provoking. The elegant, “All I Really Wanna Do,” is the LP’s alluring Temps-infused opening invitation. In quick succession, soulful provocateurs, “The Recipe,” and “Right Kind of Crazy,” wrap around Brown Sugar Queen,” a Prince x Anderson Paak super-sized jam that features rising Swedish pop star Janice. Elsewhere, “Better Broken” evokes Bill Withers’ slinky gift for melody, the spiritual Let The Water Flow, reaffirms Georgia’s political awakening, and “Righteous,” (featuring new labelmate Nathaniel Rateliff) takes an unblinking look at racial injustice in America. Lastly, on “Love You Anyway,” the open-hearted and transcendent end-title track, Gilfillian captures the raw power and beauty of acceptance.

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