Karma and Effect


Karma And Effect is the evolution of grunge into the 2000’s. While there are a lot of throaty yells similar to Korn, there is a lot of angst driven momentum more in line with Alice In Chains. It is not overt, but it is a brilliant subtlety that lasts through the record – setting it apart from all of the posers currently playing out there. Production takes care of the basics, but good songwriting heightens it by superbly emphasizing the ebb and flow of the entire album. Here there are smooth sailing pieces that incorporate deep distortion breaks, then there are just straight rock-out songs, all of which accurately move the listener to nod in content while the guitars successfully drive the point home. – HybridMagazine.com

1. Because Of Me (3:36)
2. Remedy (3:27)
3. Truth (3:50)
4. The Gift (5:34)
5. Burrito (3:51)
6. Given (3:46)
7. Never Leave (4:59)
8. World Falls Away (4:40)
9. Tongue (4:05)
10. I’m The One (2:49)
11. Simplest Mistake (5:28)
12. Diseased (3:39)
13. Plastic Man (8:47)
14. Untitled (2:18)

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