interrobang (b-side)


May 20, 2022
Fantasy Records

Multi-platinum selling rock band Switchfoot has shared a new B-Side, the title track of their most recent album, “interrobang” (B-Side.)  When the group’s acclaimed 2021 album interrobang was released last summer, the title track was missing; now fans can hear the album’s psychedelic, three-dimensional title song for the first time.  Watch the visualizer below.

“Interrobang is a song that lives up to its title, raising up more questions than answers,” remarked lead singer, Jon Foreman. “Rather than fighting against the chaos, interrobang embraces the unknown. The uncomfortable. The dissonance. The tension. Abandoning the illusion of control.”

LYRIC: “Interrobang, fear and fangs eyes wide in a world this strange

Where I lose control, is where I find my soul.”

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