i need you (to be wrong) [lovelytheband remix]


April 21, 2022
Fantasy Records

Multi-platinum selling rock band Switchfoot’s remix of “i need you (to be wrong)” by the Los Angeles-based indie-pop group, lovelytheband. Originally released as the lead single from Switchfoot’s critically acclaimed 2021 album interrobang, the new version adds an atmospheric, three-dimensional sensation to the poignant track.

As a band, Switchfoot was thrilled to hear their track re-imagined in this way.

“This was almost a remix in reverse: taking a dissonant idiosyncratic single and making it sweet,” they said.  “Lovelytheband did a great job – loved hearing their take on this one!”

Loveytheband, comprised of Mitch Collins (vocals, guitar), Jordan Greenwald (guitar, keyboards), and Sam Price (drums), first charted with their hit single, “Broken,” in 2017 and have been rising through the ranks of alternative pop ever since. Switchfoot has been a longtime inspiration to the group, so the collaboration felt both surreal and natural.

“The first band I was ever a fan of was Switchfoot,” remarked Price. “To work with them on a song was a movie-like, full circle moment. It was truly special! I tried to bring as much of lovely into this version of “i need you (to be wrong)”, and I’m pumped on how it turned out.”

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