How Dare You

L.S. Dunes

L.S. Dunes - How Dare You
February 14, 2024
L.S. Dunes
Fantasy Records

Produced by Will Yip (Turnstile, Circa Survive, Quicksand) and L.S. Dunes and recorded at Yip’s Studio 4 Recording in Philadelphia, PA., the primal track breaks new ground for the acclaimed post-hardcore band as they continue to expand the genre’s boundaries both sonically and emotionally.

Anthony Green on “How Dare You”:

“The past life is gone and yet it never really was. “How Dare You” examines the mentality behind what you choose to grab as you’re running out of your burning house. Except the burning house is in the dirt underneath your dentist’s fingernails.  

 My parents had just sold the house I grew up in and I had just gotten sober again for the millionth time when I felt like what I imagine people say when they use the phrase “born again”. Even though I hadn’t lived there in years, I was still holding onto so much baggage and drama. I used to think my parents had an alarm system at that house connected to the police that would alert them in case we were ever in trouble. I think I told myself this because it brought me comfort. All I would ever see on the news was that people would get robbed, and I thought that was something that happened a lot, but that we were safe from it all because of the silent alarm we didn’t actually have. 

This song became a way for me to examine the transformation I was making into being an adult in this world where I used to view all adults as oppressors of magic. Now I get to be a proponent of its growth and celebrate change and communication. 

For me, this song sets the stage for the new era of L.S. Dunes. It’s about pushing yourself beyond your limits and giving your all to something in order to achieve alternate states of consciousness and connection.”

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