Housewarming (The New Recording)


January 26, 2024
Fantasy Records

Originally written by Wolfe and Laessig during the sessions for the band’s breakthrough LP, 2013’s Wildewoman, “Housewarming (The New Recording),” arrives as the band embarks on the 7-date Wildewoman: The Anniversary Tour.

Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig on “Housewarming (The New Recording)”:

“Revisiting Wildewoman for our upcoming 10th anniversary tour, we came across this song that we had written at the same time as the album. For one reason or another, we didn’t include it on the record – we loved the song, and to celebrate 10 years, felt like it would be fun to record it and release it to our fans. This little love song is about all the little moments in a relationship that are scary, and tender, and vulnerable, but also the trusting in it because you know you are right where you should be. Fittingly, it’s called “Housewarming (The New Recording),” and we hope it begins to feel just like home to you, too.”

The single’s striking artwork, a painting entitled “La Conductrice et son double ou Les DS, 1965,” was created by renowned Belgian 60’s pop artist, Evelyne Axell. It’s the second time Lucius has illuminated a work by the celebrated artist Axell’s iconic 1964 paining “Ice Cream 1,” graced the cover of Wildewoman in 2013.

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