Avi Kaplan

November 17, 2023
Avi Kaplan
Fantasy Records

“Healing,” is Avi Kaplan’s first new music since the release of his acclaimed 2022 LP, Floating On A Dream. A deeply soulful message of hope for a world in distress, the intimate, raw piano ballad centers on Kaplan’s incomparably expressive vocal performance, a gravitational force-of-nature that imbues the song with liberation and release.

Avi Kaplan on “Healing”:

“The world has seen so much hurt. We are constantly bombarded by tragedy after tragedy all over the world. Current times are no different and hit especially deep for me and for many. All we can do as a human race is heal and move forward. This is a song about exactly that. The human condition. It was written, produced, arranged, and sung to be a cathartic experience for the listener. I hope people are able to have a good cry, heal and keep moving forward. I hope it is a balm for the soul in these tough times. After all is said and done my deepest hope for my music is that it can truly help people.”

Co-produced by Kaplan along with Reid Leslie and recorded at Summit Sound Studio in Nashville, TN, “Healing,” was written by Avi Kaplan, Trent Dabbs, and Jeremy Bose and features, Kaplan (vocals, background vocals), Josh Blaylock (keyboards, FX), Reid Leslie (percussion) and Daniel Ellsworth (piano, organ).

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