Half Right

Rachel Bobbitt

March 29, 2022
Rachel Bobbitt
Fantasy Records

Rachel Bobbitt shares an exquisite cover of Heatmiser’s enduring, poignant “Half Right.” The harrowing, beautifully tender track, written by Elliott Smith and Neil Gust was first released in 1996 on Heatmiser’s third and final LP, Mic City Sons.

“The song is masterful in its simplicity. It paints the universal feeling of heartbreak in such a devastatingly pointed way,” said Bobbitt. “The lyrics deliver gut punches while the instrumentation marches on, steady and constant. One of those few truly ‘perfect’ songs.”

“Half Right” was produced by Rachel Bobbitt and features close collaborators: Justice Der (electric guitar), Stephen Bennett (drums), Isaac Teague (bass) and Bobbitt (electric guitar and vocals.) Listen and buy “Half Right” HERE.  Watch the striking black and white in-studio performance video: HERE

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