First Place I Go

Avi Kaplan

November 12, 2021
Avi Kaplan
Fantasy Records
Producer: Shooter Jennings

Produced by Shooter Jennings (Brandi Carlile, Tanya Tucker), “First Place I Go” is a deeply felt exploration of self-doubt and restoration steeped in layers of bright acoustic guitars, gorgeous pedal steel, and Kaplan’s expressive baritone.  Confronting darkness with unusual directness, Kaplan sings:

‘Cause I’m gonna leave you out in the cold / I’m gonna pray that door stays closed / ‘Cause I’ve spent enough time with you to know / The last thing I need is the first place I go / It’s the first place I go

“I believe every human that has had some time to walk through life has experienced internal struggle in one way or another,” Kaplan explained. “Whether it be anxiety or depression, anger or addiction, there are parts of ourselves that can lead us down a path that is detrimental to our being. This song is about acknowledging that part of oneself and overcoming it.”

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