Feel Alright

Avi Kaplan

Avi Kaplan - Feel Alright
February 2, 2024
Avi Kaplan
Fantasy Records

Built around a tantalizing, blues-driven guitar riff and Kaplan’s commanding vocal, the uplifting “Feel Alright,” reminds us to stay positive in the face of ever darkening skies.  

Avi Kaplan on “Feel Alright”: 

“This song is one of the grooviest songs I’ve ever written. Out the gate the guitar lick and sparse drums gets your head bobbing and toe tapping. I really wanted this tune to get people moving. I’ve written many songs about being down and out, this song is a triumph of those times and a call to arms for anyone who is struggling to not let things get them down. I hope this song inspires people to not let the darkness and seriousness of everyday life get to them. Brush it off. Loosen up. Feel alright.”

Written by Avi Kaplan and Michal Nocny,  “Feel Alright” was co-produced by Kaplan and Reid Leslie and recorded at Summit Sound Studio in Nashville, TN. The track features Kaplan (vocals, background vocals), Nocny (drums, percussion), Josh Blaylock (organ), Juan Solorzano (guitar, bass), Reid Leslie (percussion) and Daniel Ellsworth (organ).

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