A Chance Encounter OST

Andrea von Kampen

October 21, 2022
Andrea von Kampen
Fantasy Records

A Chance Encounter is a new independent film (distributed by The Samuel Goldwyn Company and directed by Alexander Jeffery) in which Andrea von Kampen also stars. The 6-track, digital-only EP, A Chance Encounter: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack features songs that von Kampen wrote and performs in the film. Listen to the EP’s first single, “Love Him Right” HERE.

Watch the Official Trailer for A Chance Encounter HERE

Andrea von Kampen on A Chance Encounter:

“A Chance Encounter was a lesson of firsts for me. First time writing a soundtrack based on a script, first time acting in a feature film, first time going to Italy, first time eating pasta for twenty days straight and so much more. Having the ability to see this project from start to finish has been a huge honor and incredible learning experience for me. When I think about my time working on this film, I think about friends, pasta, lack of sleep, Padre Pio in the garden, acting in front of thousands of tourists, red wine, more pasta, and making art that we all believed in. Life as a songwriter can be lonesome at times and I’ll always look back on the month in Italy as a rare time where we worked together as artists to make something beautiful.”

A romance explored through poetry and music, the songs in A Chance Encounter conveys the film’s tender narrative of inspiration, destiny, and connection. The film’s synopsis describes the intriguing subject matter further: Two Americans, one an aspiring poet and the other an established folk musician, cross paths in the scenic, coastal town of Taormina, Sicily. Their instant chemistry sparks collaboration, leading to an unexpected, weeklong writer’s retreat at a beautiful villa in the Sicilian countryside. As they immerse themselves in the local culture, they challenge each other to express their thorniest secrets, growing closer all the while. 

The soundtrack includes four von Kampen originals, written specifically for the film, along with Andrea’s exquisite readings of Stephen Foster’s 19th century classic “Hard Times,” and “Goodnight, Ladies,” another timeless early folk tune attributed to Edwin Peace Christy.

Produced by Andrea, and co-produced by her brother David von Kampen, A Chance Encounter: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack follows her much admired debut LP, 2021’s, That Spell.  The emerging, Nebraska-raised singer-songwriter is a formidable talent with a deeply felt folk-indebted sound and inquisitive, empathetic lyrics. Gifted with a unique ability to transmit the subtle shades of human emotion, von Kampen’s intricate compositions and remarkable voice help bring these songs, and her debut as an actor, to life.

A Chance Encounter: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Track List:

  1. “Love Him Right” (Andrea von Kampen)
  2. “Hard Times” traditional, arranged by Andrea Von Kampen
  3. “Liars (Song for Cady)” (Andrea von Kampen)
  4. “Goodnight, Ladies” traditional, arranged by Andrea von Kampen
  5. “Hadley’s Song” (Andrea von Kampen)
  6. “Time + Space (Molto Bella)” (Andrea von Kampen)
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