British trio LTNT believes if you push the edge, the middle becomes a more interesting place. And Liam, Ben and Adam are doing their musical and sartorial best to teeter on that edge, as a recent rave in Metal Hammer noted: “LTNT are not so much defined by their aesthetic choices as the no-fucks-given attitude they offer to the forces of banality.” With influences from Butthole Surfers to Fear Factory, LTNT are not metal, not punk, not grunge, not industrial, but an original amalgamation that musically melds those genres, with Liam’s clever, sometimes brutal, always personal lyrics.

The band that began in 2012 is particularly adept at pulling discrete elements into the trademark LTNT sound. The trio honed its craft on UK tours with Chevelle, Brant Bjork and Seether, and put out three acclaimed indie releases. School and skateboarding pals Liam and Ben, who were in competing bands until they united in LTNT, are joined by drummer Adam Stanley, player of a big double-bass drum kit, who takes care of all the electronic triggers the band employs, and also provides stellar backing vocals.

July 13th, 2018 will see the release of their new EP entiled YODE. Produced by Matt Hyde (Slayer, Monster Magnet) and Seether’s Shaun Morgan, who signed the band to his Fantasy Records imprint, Canine Riot. While LTNT cut its teeth with several previous recordings, Yode is the aural culmination of years of road work, hundreds of hours of songwriting… and maybe some booze-
fueled shenanigans.

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